Friday, November 17, 2017

CASTLE TRUSSARDI Castle home ... An ancient and mystical castle, which has witnessed the history of the Trussardi family for decades, is still sheltering the four heads of this family business. As a link between tradition and modernity, the charm of this home is in keeping with Trussardi's brand identity: matter does not exist independently, but instead fits in with certain lifestyles.


He collected a house full of works of art, but said that art can not be collected ... To Tian Jun, art is uncollectible, collectors only own the ownership of the artwork, and are the guardians of the arts.

An apartment in Paris signed Joseph Dirand....Entirely redesigned by Joseph Dirand, this apartment invites in its Haussmann paneling the spirit of the past. Without anything museum, without any nostalgia. But with a rarely equaled demand, a love of the material, the line and the finish. An idea of ​​the past rather, like a tribute.